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A Learning Journey: A Focus on Education in Washington County

Educational organizations in Washington County provide lifelong learning options for residents of all ages. At any stage of life or skill level, educational organizations offer the chance to pursue passions, explore interests, develop personally, and improve our understanding of the world around us.


The county has 15 public school districts, two career & technology centers, many pre-schools, dozens of private/non-public schools, four college-level schools, three business/technical schools, and a nursing school. Education in Washington County, though, extends beyond formal learning. It includes personal growth opportunities through programs such as literacy, English as a Second Language, citizenship, sports, recreation, arts, culture, languages, technology, spiritual, and skills development, to name a few.

Source: Washington County Chamber of Commerce,


  • Support Among School Districts
  • Higher Education Close to Home
  • New and Diverse Culture
  • Cost of Living
  • Collaborations with Community Organizations
  • Teachers and Staff
  • Quality of Education
  • Adaptiveness (as necessitated by the pandemic)


Recruiting new teachers continues to be a significant challenge faced by educational institutions. Political turmoil has spawned a distrust of educators and curriculum. Factors such as food and housing insecurity, economic disparities, and social media all impact mental health and the ability to learn. The safety of students and teachers and security in schools is a concern. Transportation in the county is an ongoing issue. Parental involvement (both too much and not enough) and extra-curricular activities (both over-involvement and lack of involvement) create issues for students and teachers. The pandemic presented new challenges such as student’s lack of social skills, mental health and behavioral issues, dependence on technology, and apathy.

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