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Religion & Faith

Spiritual Pathways: A Focus on Religion & Faith in Washington County

Religion & Faith organizations in Washington County serve as spiritual, emotional, cultural, and social centers. Collaborations such as the recently formed Ministers Network encourage discussion and collaboration to maximize outreach, resources, partnerships, and community impact.


These organizations provide, and are connectors to, other community services such as food pantries, financial assistance, job training, homeless shelters, substance abuse, health care, mental health, foster care, grief counseling, senior centers, youth programs, and more.

Total Number of Churches in Washington County —290

Number of Roman Catholic Churches—30

Number of Protestant Churches—231

Number of Orthodox Churches—7

Number of Synagogues—1

Churches of Other Affiliations—21

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  • A Long Tradition of Faith in Washington County
  • Numerous and Diverse Faith-Based Organizations
  • Minister’s Network
  • Messages of Hope and Unity
  • Partnerships and Collaborations with Other Area Organizations
  • Expanded Online and Social Media Presence
  • Religious Schools
  • Youth Programs
  • Mutual Respect Amongst Different Faiths
  • People and Communities


Communication and outreach are an ongoing problem; more individuals/families may be watching services online and not in person. Crime and addiction are frequently encountered among parishioners. Declining attendance affects funding and strains resources. Members of the focus group believe that there is a lack of connections with county government. Focus group members also believe that faith in the home is less prevalent and that there is a rise in secularism. Church employees feel the stress associated with their positions. There can be a resistance to change in long-held traditions.

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