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Resurrection Power of Washington Pennsylvania

Nonprofit Overview

Established in 2001, Resurrection Power focuses on providing recovery houses and support to men and women on their recovery journey from alcohol and drug addiction. Our houses provide a safe, structured, and spiritually focused environment incorporating 12-step recovery. The houses provide mentorship, healing, growth, and training to help achieve long-term recovery and allow the residents to become productive members of society.

Pennsylvania now requires state licensure for residents in recovery houses to receive financial help and for the recovery houses to receive referred residents. We are working to certify our houses and are very close to receiving our first recovery house license. Once received, we will begin the licensure on the second house.

Resurrection Power currently holds an annual breakfast in April, but we are looking to add a new fundraiser this year as we plan for our ministry's future growth and reach.

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Current Needs

The current needs of our organization are support for our Fresh Start resident fund and updates to our houses to allow us to attain licensure in all four houses.

Many residents come into our houses without a job, money, or support, and some come to us with only the clothing on their backs. Without our licensure, people who want to come to our houses must pay out of pocket for their program fees, as they cannot receive state support. We created a fund for our residents that allows them 2-4 weeks of financial help until they find employment while we work towards full licensure.

In addition, we are installing new windows, fire escapes, lighting, computers, and scanners for each of our houses for the safety of our residents and our state licensure. The cost to attain licensure on two houses is around $35,000.00.

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