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Southwest Training Services, Inc.

Nonprofit Overview

Southwest Training Services, Inc. (SWTS) is a nonprofit, workforce development provider administering employment and training services to adults, dislocated workers and youth (14-24) in Washington and Greene Counties for over 23 years. SWTS is also an operator of 4 PA CareerLink® offices in Washington, Greene and Beaver Counties. 

"Southwest Training Services, Inc.’s mission is to provide services enabling employers and job seekers to make informed employment and training choices leading to a quality workforce for the future."

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Current Needs

Funds to support career awareness/career exploration activities for youth ages 14-24. Most funding has eligibility criteria attached to it for the youth we serve, therefore many youth are unable to participate because perhaps they are not under the income guidelines (many times they are slightly above in family income) or they do not fall into a certain criteria. Our need would be funding to support any youth in our area that is between 14-24 who are in need of our services & wanting to to make informed career decisions and goals for their future. Some activities/services include: career camps, job shadowing, transportation to career expos, mentoring, virtual career exploration activities, work experiences/Internships, one-on-one case management, clothing for employment purposes, drop out prevention, etc. This is a critical time in a young person's life when exploring options for their future - we want to ensure that our youth has support available.

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