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Bradford House Historical Association

Nonprofit Overview

You’ve probably driven past the Bradford House on South Main Street. It’s been there since 1788, the first stone house in Washington. It was built by prominent lawyer and Whiskey Rebellion leader David Bradford to use as his town home. Bradford supported local farmers as they rebelled against the whiskey tax enacted by the first Congress while George Washington was president. Over the next 200 years, the house was occupied by several families and businesses. When the house was almost demolished in the late 1950s, it was instead purchased, restored, and became a living museum. 

In 2021, the Visitor Center opened, providing visitors an opportunity to learn more about the Whiskey Rebellion because the Whiskey Rebellion set precedents that affect all of us to this day. 

In 2023, the Meeting House was opened to serve as an education center while the open floor plan allows for endless educational opportunities.

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Current Needs

We need you. And your spouse and your kids and your neighbors. When was the last time you visited the Bradford House? Have you visited the Whiskey Rebellion Education and Visitor Center? Have you ever brought out-of-town guests? We need you to be our best public relations people - spread the word about how Washington, Pennsylvania made a major contribution to US history. Our history isn’t just for those who can afford it; history should be free for everyone. We’d love to continue to offer free admission to our sites. We more than doubled our attendance last year, and free admission definitely helped. But that doesn’t pay bills or keep the lights on, so we also need donations. And honestly, we’d love to see you here!

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