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Nonprofit Overview

VetPets, also operating as VetPets of Southwestern Pennsylvania, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that raises money and releases funds (in the form of grants) to help veterans and first responders adopt dogs for emotional support, work with our therapy dog or service dog training organizations to gain a sense of purpose, and provide mental health activities to combat the invisible signs of war. 

We provide activities and events as part of our (AAT) Assisted-Animal Therapy Outreach to help community members and their family heal in a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere. Education, and a sense of urgency stand at the core of our values. Each dog training team cost starts out at $10,000 per participant. We strive to help participants achieve service dog certifications. Even when the team does not meet certification requirements, we believe a bonded Warrior Wellness Dog plays a vital role in providing life-saving benefits.

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Current Needs

Our organization's greatest need at this time is a facility to operate our mission successfully. We have overgrown and outpaced previous projections and have received a large number of requests for assistance, but are limited in how we can accomplish handling these requests. A facility will help us work united at the highest technical proficiency we can establish. We seek to conduct operational day-to-day activities with our directors, volunteers, training teams, and wellness advocates.

Our organization requires grant funding to meet the needs of current calls for support and future requests for assistance based off of the numbers we have seen multiply over the past few years. Each service dog team has a starting cost of $10,000.

Our organization also needs Community Board Members added that will add professional insight and direction to steer our rapid growth into what will become our standard operating procedures for years to come.

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