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Citizens Library Association of Washington

Nonprofit Overview

Our mission is to provide the resources to enrich, inform, and educate the public. Citizens Library was founded in 1870 by Dr. Francis J. LeMoyne and continues to serve the population of Washington, PA to this day. We are also the District Center for Washington County and serve to coordinate activities for libraries and act as an intermediary between them and the state.

We have a robust collection of material for our patrons, as well as public computer use, printing and fax services, and study room space. Some of the programming we've offered in the past includes weekly storytime, writer's workshops, local author meetups, music recitals, tax and retirement seminars. Also, while offering a space for community partners such as local robotics club, yoga with WashPA Outdoors, and Vetpets PTSD dog training.

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Current Needs

Our greatest needs include maintaining and upgrading our facility. Our amazing building was built in 1965 and has required several costly updates in the last few years, like new HVAC, and will require several more. This includes technology upgrades such as new servers and computers. We also have a need to support adult and senior programming, the former of which we would like to offer more of to better serve our diverse population. With generous funding we can keep our building up to date as well provide programming like Medicare, author talks, and more.

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