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Center for Coalfield Justice

Nonprofit Overview

Our mission is to improve policy and regulations for the oversight of fossil fuel extraction and use; to educate, empower and organize coalfield residents; and to protect public and environmental health. We provide community members with detailed information about proposed projects and potential impacts so they can make informed decisions about individual or collective actions. We connect people in similar struggles together to build power and to invest in the leadership of people living in Washington and Greene Counties.

By blending organizing, policy, legal, and communications work, we seek to create an expanded set of options for achieving justice than might be produced by following only one approach. Through these approaches, and by investing in people’s skills and leadership, our communities will be able to advocate effectively for a healthy environment and thriving economy.

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Current Needs

We are always looking to engage community members in our work, whether through conversations, volunteering, signing up for our emails, participating in our events, or donating. Your donation will support our continued growth and outreach in the communities in which we live, work, and play. Your support allows us to educate our communities in southwestern Pennsylvania on the risks of investing in dirty energy projects, build volunteer teams to create change driven by those most impacted, and uplift rural voices and experiences into statewide and national conversations. Additionally, it supports our civic engagement and voter education program to ensure small town and rural poor and working-class voices are heard during elections.

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