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Focus Areas

Aligned with the eight funding areas of the Washington County Community Foundation, these eight broad focus areas provide concise narratives on our community’s overall needs. Zoom into each category to learn about the current, most-pressing needs of a particular nonprofit serving our area.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare organizations in Washington County provide crucial services, such as shelter, adoption, rescue, emergency response, healthcare, and population control, impacting animals and the community.

Focus on Animal Welfare

Arts & Humanities

Arts & humanities nonprofits play an important role in the vitality of Washington County through entertainment, education, tourism, employment, the local economy, as well as inclusion.

Focus on Arts & Humanities

Community Improvement & Economic Development

Nonprofit organizations in Washington County play a crucial role in community improvement and economic development by addressing various needs, collaborating with agencies, and contributing to the county's growth.

Focus on Community Improvement & Economic Development

Conservation & Environment

Nonprofit organizations in Washington County dedicated to conservation and environment play a vital role in protecting and preserving natural resources, aiming to maintain the county's appeal and balance progress with environmental protection.

Focus on Conservation & Environment


Educational organizations in Washington County provide diverse learning opportunities for individuals of all ages, supporting personal growth, skill development, and a deeper understanding of the world, with a wide range of formal and informal programs available.

Focus on Education

Health & Fitness

The health and fitness sector of Washington County nonprofits focus on addressing the physical, mental, behavioral, and emotional needs of residents through health care facilities, wellness programs, education, recreation, and more.

Focus on Health & Fitness

Human Needs

Human needs organizations in Washington County provide an array of programs and services addressing critical issues to improve the lives of community members of all ages.

Focus on Human Needs

Religion & Faith

Religion & faith organizations play an important role in Washington County by bringing together communities, assisting those in need, and encouraging belief in a better future.

Focus on Religion & Faith