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Focus Areas

Aligned with the eight funding areas of the Washington County Community Foundation, these eight broad focus areas provide concise narratives on our community’s overall needs. Zoom into each category to learn about the current, most-pressing needs of a particular nonprofit serving our area.

Animal Welfare

In Washington County, there are more than a dozen Animal Welfare organizations providing support to domestic animals, primarily dogs and cats, and some horses.

Focus on Animal Welfare

Arts & Humanities

Washington County has a diverse set of organizations in the Arts & Humanities sector such as museums, libraries, performing arts, visual arts, music festivals, and historic sites. Larger organizations bring visitors from outside the county, resulting in economic boosts and greater opportunities for local organizations.

Focus on Arts & Humanities

Community Improvement & Economic Development

Non-profit organizations provide services in Community Improvement & Economic Development by filling gaps provided by government agencies and addressing issues such as job training, capacity improvement, blight removal, business incubation, and financial literacy.

Focus on Community Improvement & Economic Development

Conservation & Environment

Non-profit organizations that focus on Conservation & Environment protect and preserve Washington County’s water, air, land, plants, animals, and other natural resources.

Focus on Conservation & Environment


Washington County provides a wide variety of educational opportunities ranging from historical societies to educational institutions to organizations focused on aiding individuals through personal and professional growth.

Focus on Education

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness organizations in Washington County address the physical, mental, behavioral, and emotional needs of residents. Programs and services for community members of all ages encourage healthy lifestyles and provide specialized and preventative health care.

Focus on Health & Fitness

Human Needs

Human Needs organizations in Washington County address critical issues such as affordable housing, mental health and addiction support, aging services, social and criminal justice, disability support, and food insecurity.

Focus on Human Needs

Religion & Faith

Religion & Faith organizations in Washington County provide, and are connectors to, other community services such as food pantries, financial assistance, job training, homeless shelters, substance abuse, health care, mental health, foster care, grief counseling, senior centers, youth programs, and more.

Focus on Religion & Faith