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Animal Welfare

Response & Rescue: A Focus on Animal Welfare in Washington County

Animal Welfare organizations provide important, often overlooked, services to Washington County. They provide compassion and care while fostering healthy relationships between humans and animals.


By providing shelter, adoption services, rescue from abuse or abandonment, emergency response, health care, safe spaces, and population control, these organizations not only directly impact the welfare of animals but also each of our communities.

According to Faith Bjalobok Ph.D., an estimated total of 5,366 low cost spays/neuters were performed on Washington County felines in 2022. (Based on data supplied by several animal rescue groups.)


  • Passionate employees and volunteers
  • Animal Protection Legislation
  • Strong Organizations
  • Partnerships
  • Low Cost Spay and Neuter Options
  • Great Facilities
  • Robust Programs
  • Pet Food Bank


Public awareness and education regarding problems faced by Animal Welfare organizations and the benefits such organizations provide is an ongoing challenge. Costs associated with sheltering animals and low state reimbursements lead to financial uncertainty and a reliance on private support. Bureaucracy at local and state levels sometimes makes it difficult to have discussions with government leaders. The members of the focus group expressed their belief that the county needs a high volume spay and neuter clinic to deal with overpopulation, as well as a kennel to house stray and/or abandoned animals. The focus group also expressed their belief that a spay and neuter voucher program would assist low-income individuals. The rising costs of shelter and care place strain on the organizations’ ability to carry out their programs. There is also a shortage of qualified veterinarians.

Animal Welfare organizations in Washington County go beyond caring for animals by addressing economic, environmental, ethical, and social issues through education, programs, and advocacy.

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