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The Brownson House

Nonprofit Overview

Our Mission Statement is to provide quality youth and adult recreation, education and character development through a team effort in the greater Washington, Pennsylvania area. 

The Brownson House has been serving the Greater Washington Area for 90 years. Since 1926, the Brownson House has helped shape the lives of many young men and women in the area. In 2004, through a strategic community-minded partnering of the Vernon C. Neal Foundation and the Brownson House, with the cooperation of the City of Washington, an indoor sports facility opened in the Washington Park called the Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex. The programs may change throughout the years, but the purpose of the organization has remained constant – to offer a source of community and individual growth through team effort. The Brownson House has a long community-oriented history, which it continues to build upon today.

Current Needs

The need for a new facility is evident. The main red brick building was built in 1910 and was converted into a recreation facility and wonderfully served generations of youth in the community but is no longer efficient. The building is not handicapped accessible, is not energy efficient and the major repairs required to renovate the building are not economically feasible. The T.S. Fitch Memorial gymnasium is still in reasonable condition due to continued maintenance and upkeep but the design and layout of the building is limiting, only permitting one activity at a time.

The community deserves a top notch facility to meet the changing needs of youth sports. We have reached the point where our amenities are outdated or not adequate for programming possibilities in the future. The Brownson House needs a new facility to continue to provide the outstanding programs have been recognized for the last 97 years.

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