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The Venetia Heritage Society

Nonprofit Overview

The Mission of the Venetia Heritage Society (VHS) is to preserve the former Venetia Grade School through transformative use of the facility as a center for service to people of all ages in the surrounding community. The VHS also strives to increase awareness and educate the public about local history and its significance to the area. In 1997 the Venetia Heritage Society was formed to preserve the Venetia Elementary School, built in 1926. The school's name was changed to the Venetia Community Center, to reflect its new purpose in the area. The Venetia Community Center is providing a "home" for various non-profit groups in our community. The Washington County Area Agency on Aging, Girls Scouts and the DARE Model Railroad Club uses the building for meetings and special events. A local 4-H sponsors group also uses a room in the building so local students can learn related skills.

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Current Needs

The greatest need for the Venetia Heritage Society is facility upgrades. The building is nearly 100 years old, built in 1926, and has a deteriorating infrastructure and a multitude of maintenance issues. Old windows, water/ sewer pipes, electrical and HVAC are just a few items that need upgraded. The building is used throughout the year by multiple organizations, as well as for community events such as the Winter Light Up Night and the annual Spring Craft Show.

Preserving our heritage requires dedicated efforts, and our historical building stands as invaluable testaments to our shared past. To ensure the continued existence of this community building, we must recognize the urgent need for funds. By contributing to the maintenance, you become a guardian of history, craftsmanship, and cultural significance it holds. Your support not only protects our heritage for future generations but also fosters a sense of pride and identity within our community.

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