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Community Improvement & Economic Development

Sustainable Advancement: A Focus on Community Improvement & Economic Development in Washington County

Non-profit organizations play a vital role in Community Improvement & Economic Development by filling gaps in services provided by government agencies, responding to the changing needs of the community, and contributing to the overall growth of Washington County. Open dialogue and collaborations amongst agencies allow for greater coordination and encourage innovative solutions to evolving issues.


Community Improvement & Economic Development groups address issues such as housing, job training, capacity improvement, childcare, nutrition, blight removal, business incubation, transportation, financial literacy, and education.

Washington County’s strategic location, available and affordable land, highway, rail, water, and air transportation accessibility and services makes for a very desirable location for business and industry. Pair that with a highly skilled, diverse workforce and low property taxes, Washington County is well positioned for business growth. – Washington County, PA Profile 2022, Washington County Planning Commission


  • Manageable Bureaucracy
  • Ability to Reach County Decision-Makers
  • Volunteerism
  • Effective Communications
  • Update Property Assessments
  • Community-Wide Events
  • Broadband Expansion
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Local Community Businesses
  • Local Share Account


Geography is a significant challenge faced by this sector with disparities between the northern, southern, eastern and western sections of the county. Members of the focus group expressed their belief that a lack of recognition of all community assets by county marketing entities creates low awareness among residents and the absence of a cohesive vision and message. Further, some believe that needs that are unique to each community, driven by population density and location, create provincialism and social inequities. Economic and demographic shifts, coupled with migration and immigration, present ever-changing challenges. Absentee or uncooperative property owners contribute to blight with abandoned or vacant properties, lowering surrounding property values, creating safety hazards, and reducing local tax revenues.

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