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Marie Exotics Reptile Rescue

Nonprofit Overview

We are Washington, Pennsylvania's only 501(c)3 reptile and exotics-specific rescue. Though created in January of 2020, Marie Exotics became an established licensed organization in February 2021. 

  • We specialize in the care and rehabilitation of non-native species of reptiles, amphibians, some small animals, and birds. This includes venomous and crocodilian species. 
  • We work with a wonderful group of local exotic veterinarians to provide the best support to the animals in our care. 
  • We work aside local wildlife conservation specialists and are a part of Florida's Exotic Pet Amnesty Program — a program designated to help decrease non-native invasive species in the Florida environment.

It is our goal to offer wildlife rehabilitation services in the future. We provide educational programs to schools and other community services, including participating in fairs and festivals. We also host birthday parties and fundraising events.

Marie Exotics Reptile Rescue snake
Marie Exotics Reptile Rescue gator

Current Needs

Our organization is growing fast because of the communities need for such. 

Our most significant need is the funding to allow us to get into our own building. This would allow us to open to the general public and save more animals because the additional space would be available to us. 

This is pretty critical to us, especially as we take in so many larger species of lizards such as Tegu and different species of Monitors, larger snake species such as Burmese and Reticulated Pythons, our Alligators and Crocodiles, and our Sulcata Tortoises which grow to be over 16 inches in shell length and weigh around 100 pounds!

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