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Watchful Shepherd USA

Nonprofit Overview

Watchful Shepherd USA is a local nonprofit child abuse prevention program providing in-home and mobile security to victims in need of protection from abuse. As we enter our 30th year, Watchful Shepherd USA continues to focus on reaching out to organizations all over the country to provide the needed security to children and families who live day to day in fear of abuse at NO COST. We help at risk children to safely resume regular activities outside the home while also giving them the security to know that someone who cares is always close by. Help is just one touch away. Each year we host a fundraiser called Dancing for a Cause. 100% of our proceeds go towards the purchase of our security units. We also accept donations throughout the year.

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Current Needs

Watchful Shepherd is looking towards utilizing new donor program software to assist with our fundraising and networking. Our donor software was created over 20 years ago and does allow us to reach new donors. The number of requests for security units has increased significantly. We would like to reach more donors by utilizing fundraising and donor software that is more current and efficient. A new program will allow Watchful Shepherd to reach larger audiences to build our donor database and increase funding to meet the increased "need" of the equipment that we offer to clients.

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