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Washington Jazz Society

Nonprofit Overview

Washington Jazz Society mission is to educate the public regarding the historical development and significance of jazz music, with a special emphasis on young musicians and young audiences. It is dedicated to promoting live jazz music by the local musicians and preserving jazz as an art. It will provide scholarships for deserving young musicians and jazz assistance education in the community.

Current Needs

We need funds. WJS pays for the weekly jazz bands at the WJS Presidents Pub Sunday Brunch. We appreciate every donation we receive whether it is for membership in WJS, buying a T-shirt, a donation or coming to a jazz event. We have an educational side of WJS for children, AMP. AMP is the Afterschool Music Program. We pay for teachers to provide instruction to young musicians who's family have other financial commitments and need help paying for lessons or instruments. We believe music helps children develop skills they can use the rest of their lives. It helps instill confidence and adds another outlet of expression, sometimes in challenging circumstances. We also give scholarships to deserving musicians, every few years.

We need money to pay for jazz bands in Washington PA, provide scholarships to deserving musicians and provide lessons and instruments under AMP.

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