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Transitional Employment Consultants

Nonprofit Overview

Transitional Employment Consultant’s mission is to assist individuals with disabilities to become independent, productive members of the community by providing job readiness training and job placement into competitive employment.

Transitional Employment Consultants (TEC) is a private, nonprofit agency providing supported employment services to individuals with disabilities since 1984.

TEC's Supported Employment Programs are focused on an individual's wants and needs. TEC’s Supported Employment programs assist Individuals with securing and retaining competitive employment. Services are implemented with the goal of supporting the individual until they become as independent as possible.

TEC's Transition Programs have been preparing students with disabilities for the world of tomorrow since 2000. TEC Education Center, a Pennsylvania-licensed private academic school, and the Community-Based Vocation Instruction program(CBVI) provide relevant and authentic transition-based learning experiences to area Washington County high school students with disabilities.

Overall, the agency serves 350-400 individuals on an annual basis.

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Current Needs

TEC's greatest need at this time is building improvements. Our main office is in need of many repairs. This is an area of focus for the agency and one that will likely take a few years to complete. There are several large-scale projects that need to be addressed including waterproofing of one side of the building, bathroom pipes replaced underground, ADA ramp access, new roof, windows, etc. The challenge that we are facing is the funding for all of these projects. Each project is expensive, so TEC will be prioritizing projects based on the most immediate need.

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