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South Hills Children's Choir

Nonprofit Overview

The South Hills Children’s Choir, a non-profit youth community choir, provides quality music education and artistic excellence through a variety of choral experiences and performances. SHCC enriches the lives of our many unique singers through personal and social growth.  SHCC promotes a sense of discipline and accomplishment through musical excellence. 

At the core of instruction is correct vocal technique, musicality, and the diverse repertoire of our communities, cultures, and the centuries, forming a foundational relationship between the singer and the musical arts. Choral singing improves cognition, teaches empathy, lifts the spirit, and enables the gift of song to be shared with those in need. Songs travel easily, uniting, encouraging, and inspiring those they touch. This is the purpose for which SHCC sings!

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Current Needs

SHCC would greatly benefit from a community liaison/marketing director, but we do not generate enough income, sponsorship, or donations at this time to support this necessary position. 

Still recovering from the difficulties of the COVID shut downs, we streamline and economize so that our singers are not affected. Hundreds of volunteer hours from our staff members cover this lapse. We believe with the addition of this staff member our enrollment would increase, our reach to the community would grow exponentially, and our current staff would find more time to sink into hired roles.

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