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Memories in the Makin'

Nonprofit Overview

Memories in the Makin’ operates out of Sugar Run Stables in Avella, PA. We help improve skills and overall quality of life in those with special needs and handicapped individuals. Each individual works on a variety of physical, mental and emotional goals. Equine therapy has been shown to help enhance problem-solving skills, fine/gross motor skills, responsibility, emotional awareness, trust/empathy, confidence, social skills, impulse control and more! Memories in the Makin’ works with 20+ individuals on a weekly basis.

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Current Needs

This year, we are asking for funding to continue improvements to keep up with new advancements in equine therapy for our students and horses, as well as day-to-day expenses and cost to operate. We are in a small rural community, helping low-income families, we try to keep our costs low. We also encourage volunteering to ensure lessons run smoothly and safely with help leading and side walking.

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