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Meals on Wheels @ The Crossroads

Nonprofit Overview

The mission of Meals on Wheels @ The Crossroads is to deliver a hot, nutritious meal to anyone who has difficulty shopping for food or cooking meals, regardless of income. The daily morning visit to bring the meal includes a check-in with the meal recipient and an alert to a family member if there is a problem. Meal recipients are mostly senior citizens but may include younger persons with disabilities or who are convalescing after an illness or hospital stay.

We currently serve between 125-130 meals a day on 11 routes in a wide circle around our Peters Twp. kitchen, extending from Bridgeville in the north to Finleyville in the south, including Canonsburg, Muse, Lawrence and Houston. We provide regular and diabetic meals five days a week, with extra for weekends as needed.

Our meals include vegetables and fresh salads with many ingredients donated by local farm markets.

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Current Needs

The greatest challenge we face is the rising price of food. We continue to strive to send our clients quality, nutritious meals at a very affordable price. Due to the increase of food and supply prices, we rely on the generosity of friends, community organizations, local churches and community grants to offset this cost.

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