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InVision Human Services

Nonprofit Overview

Founded in 1992, InVision Human Services builds customized person-driven services with people with disabilities. We accomplish our mission by working alongside the people we support to create a level of independence they never thought possible. InVision recognizes that people whose disabilities and circumstances are more challenging for traditional approaches and methods deserve the opportunity to identify and live their vision of a meaningful life.

InVision supports people who have complex diagnoses which others often deem too complicated to support. They experience multiple intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders; cognitive and psychiatric disorders; and neurological, physical, and environmental disabilities. InVision supports over 200 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Western Pennsylvania in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, Washington, and Westmoreland counties.

We honor the strengths, hopes, and dreams of each person we support, and their unique needs drive everything we do.

Current Needs

InVision Behavioral Health Program was launched in 2015 due to concerns over the availability of mental and behavioral health care services in the houses and communities of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities with behavioral or mental health challenges. Over 90% of the people we support have complex diagnoses.

There is a void in behavioral health services for people with complex disabilities, as well as a void for the able population. Mental health conditions are 50% more common in people with intellectual disabilities than the general population. The need for therapeutic services for people with dual diagnoses continues to swell, and the availability of quality therapy for this vulnerable adult population is scarce.

Without support, the people our mission serves would experience a reduced quality of life, marked by heightened health issues and behavioral problems, which would lead to exclusion from family, friends, their community, and even death.

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