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Healing Bridges

Nonprofit Overview

Healing Bridges is a recovery-oriented nonprofit that guides and connects residents of Washington County and neighboring communities to comprehensive behavioral health services. By providing children, teens and adults with the necessary guidance, tools, skills and resources needed to improve their lives, Healing Bridges acts as the connection to hope and prosperity throughout their continuous developmental journeys. Driven by our responsive and accessible services, we are proud to help communities overcome hurdles and find solutions to their behavioral health needs. Healing Bridges, formally known as Washington Communities Human Services, has been serving the residents of Washington County since 1968. Today, Healing Bridges supports the growth of individuals through counseling, medication management and community travel health programs. The agency strives to motivate clients to find and maintain stability by transforming adverse routines into healthy lifestyles.

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Current Needs

Healing Bridges’ current need is to gain financial support for service expansion in both our counseling/therapy program and mobile case management program.

We provide diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative and developmental support services to vulnerable populations in and around Washington County. Our goal for each and every individual that we serve is to improve their quality of life, increase their chances at success and reduce the plausibility of crisis intervention.

As a nonprofit that relies solely on government funding and organizational productivity to grow programs, it is often an ongoing challenge to accept new intakes and help more high-risk individuals regularly throughout the year. Increased funding for additional staff personnel will allow more socioeconomically disadvantaged and underinsured populations with physical or mental impairments to receive quality behavioral and developmental health treatment.

"Healing Bridges is one of the only places in the area that actually takes my insurance and gets me in to see my therapist on a regular basis." - Jackie L., client at Healing Bridges.

"Jo is amazing. She’s such a great therapist, and I really recommend her. She’s really understanding and an amazing person." - Kolby B., client at Healing Bridges.

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