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Food Helpers/DBA Gr. Washington County Food Bank

Nonprofit Overview

The Mission of Food Helpers is to end hunger by creating sustainable communities through equitable aid, education, and resources.

Food Helpers works in our communities through the four pillars of Feeding, Training, Thrifting & Farming to accomplish our Mission and create a world without hunger.

Current Needs

Currently, Food Helpers greatest need is support of the 471 Kids Challenge. Referred to as the ‘invisible population,’ one of every three food-insecure children belong to families who may not qualify for government supported food pantries, but do not have adequate financial resources to, themselves, consistently provide food for their families. It is estimated that among the 28,000 food-insecure individuals in Washington County are 471 elementary school children. According to Food Helpers CEO, George Omiros, “Children in our community are at a disadvantage by government food assistance programs that are beyond their control, and the 471 Kids Challenge will alleviate that barrier. Our goal is to make sure no child goes to bed wondering where their next meal will come from.”

Fundraising for the 471 Kids Challenge begins in June and continues through the end of 2023 until enough funds are raised to feed every Washington County “invisible population” child.

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