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Face2Face Healing

Nonprofit Overview

Face2Face Healing was created in response to the gap that often occurs when medicine has done all it can, but individuals are left emotionally and/or physically unable to adapt to the resulting effects of cancer or conditions causing an altered self-image.

Many individuals experience loneliness due to isolation and/or rejection. Regardless of the physical diagnosis, the pain and distress from cancer or an altered self-image can leave a person feeling alone, confused, and unable to resume a normal life.

Face2Face Healing creates the support necessary to give individuals dealing with any type of cancer or conditions causing an altered self-image the opportunity to meet and share with others who know how they feel. We create a caring, sharing, and supportive environment where individuals can connect and make an investment in each other’s lives.

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Current Needs

Sponsor a Patient Need - Grocery gift card, gas gift card, gift card for meals at a restaurant, $250 for a patient care package, $500 to purchase a wig.

Baskets for Auction - Night on the Town, Sports Tickets, Pittsburgh Eats, Arts Evening of Fun, Wine Tasting, Bourbon Tasting, Cigar Tasting, Museum gift cards, Movie Gift Cards, Experience opportunities, Trips, Dog Basket, Spa Basket.

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