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Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA

Nonprofit Overview

Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern Pennsylvania (DVSSP) – formerly Washington Women’s Shelter, Inc. – has been providing safe housing and other domestic violence-related services in Washington County since 1984.

DVSSP is committed to providing services to individuals and their children who have experienced or witnessed abuse whether it's emotional, financial, digital, sexual, or physical. DVSSP provides a safe, non-judgmental environment for survivors seeking safety from abuse. DVSSP is working toward making the community aware of the scope of domestic violence, because everyone knows someone who has experienced abuse.

We offer prevention efforts in the community, temporary safe houses, 24/7 hotlines, empowerment counseling and support groups for residents and non-residents, legal advocacy programs, housing case management, mental health assessments and therapy for residents and non-residents, counseling and support services for children and youth, information and referrals, advocacy and accompaniment, 24/7 transportation and intake, food, clothing, and personal care items for residents.

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Current Needs

The current needs of DVSSP are just as unique as the clients we serve. Your financial donations give us the flexibility to respond directly to the greatest needs of the clients. Financial donations allow us to close the gap of needs for clients as they continue their journey after surviving abuse. Some of those needs include dinosaur party supplies for a toddler celebrating his birthday while living in our safe house, activating utilities for a survivor’s new home, providing a warm and peaceful meal for a dad and his children seeking refuge at our safe house, enabling a teenager to confidently attend his high school graduation in a new suit, last-minute Christmas gifts purchased for three children whose mother lost everything, except their lives, while escaping their abusive situation, and so very much more as the needs of those we serve are as unique as the individuals themselves.

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