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Nonprofit Overview

Blueprints breaks barriers and builds futures for people in economic transition. We strive to be the inspiration for those who struggle to change the trajectory of their lives. We are a multi-service organization lead by a volunteer board of directors serving nearly 20,000 people each year.

Our 30+ programs/services are organized into four pillars:

MIND - Strengthen and sharpen the mind; from ABC's to GED's and beyond, we help participants learn everything needed to build their futures;

HOME - stabilize and secure the home; from safety for kids to stability for families, we help participants establish a place to live and thrive;

HEALTH - preserve and improve wellbeing; from health checks to healthy greens and grains, we help participants stay active and strong;

WALLET - Take charge of the wallet; from budget basics to savings strategies, we can help participants earn and balance a livable wage.

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Current Needs

Blueprints provides services to low-income children, adults and families generating fabulous outcomes based on funder priorities – eviction avoidance, foreclosure mitigation, school readiness, free tax return preparation/filing, foster care placement, credit repair, and so much more.

Many of our participants on a path to self-sufficiency experience barriers for which there is no traditional funding to help them overcome. One such barrier is car repair. Many of our families experiencing stable employment and housing, often have that stability placed at risk if a necessary vehicle repair is unaffordable. Families are faced with difficult decisions such as paying the rent or paying to get the car fixed. If they don’t pay the rent, they risk eviction; if they don’t pay to get a car repaired, they risk losing a job. This paradox plays itself out every day.

Donations made through our A Little LIFT program are needed to knock down these barriers.

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