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Nonprofit Overview

Always B Smiling Inc. is a Nonprofit Organization established in 2020 with the mission of creating smiles for children, teens and young adults and families with disabilities and health challenges in the greater Pittsburgh area. Always B Smiling was founded by Dean and Kristin in honor of their son Bennett who passed away in July of 2020. He had many struggles in life including 2 kidney transplants, cerebral palsy, vision impairment, and intellectual disability. When Bennett passed, they made a promise they would continue to share his smile with the world and in doing so, bring smiles to so many others.

Always B Smiling offers support and experiences to an underserved population: children, teens and young adults living with disabilities and health challenges. Our goal is to improve the mental, emotional, and social quality of life across the Pittsburgh region.

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Current Needs

The lack of recreational and social opportunities is a pressing issue and often overlooked so Always B Smiling is currently providing on a smaller scale various programs such as adaptive bike rides, social events, and support to the children with health challenges at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. The goal of the organization is to provide this population with a handicap accessible activity center to expand programing offered in an inclusive environment. The activity and learning center will provide individuals with an inclusive clubhouse atmosphere where they can continue to learn, grow, exercise, and thrive. There is currently nothing like this center in the tri state area, making it a needed community asset to provide an accessible option on the trail for people with disabilities.

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