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Alveoli Corporation (Lungs at Work)

Nonprofit Overview

Lungs at Work was founded in 2002 as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. We are the only free-standing Black Lung Clinic in the United States. Lungs at Work addresses and provides comprehensive care and support to miners and their dependents, including diagnosis, treatment, and aid in counseling services necessary to pursue Federal Black Lung Benefits. Our aim is to serve as a reliable partner in the healthcare and benefits journey of our patients and their family.

As a member of the National Coalition of Black Lung Clinics, we collaborate extensively with the United Mine Workers of America and the Department of Labor to deliver comprehensive medical services and necessary assistance with black lung benefits to miners, an essential initiative that deserves our utmost attention in this region.

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Current Needs

This recommendation explains our purpose/needs in the community well:

"I am honored to write this letter of support to you for all the work you have done to help me. I appreciate the care I received at Lungs at Work. When I came there, my oxygen in my blood was very low. You and your staff saw to it that I was taken to the emergency room and helped me get started with the process of getting a lung transplant. After the transplant I was able to get off of the oxygen. My wife and children are also very grateful to you also. You do very good work and take very good care of all coal miners. We need you to help us in understanding black lung and its effects. I have never had any problems and continue to recommend your clinic to my fellow miners.

— David W."

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